About Us

THE LEARNING TREE PRESCHOOL was established in 1984 by its founder and directress, Prof. Anna Francisca T. Castaneda, better known to children as "Teacher Francie". A graduate of the University of the Philippines with degrees in B.S. Family Life and Child Development and a Master of Arts in Education; she has devoted her career as an early childhood educator for the past forty-six years.

Upon the insistence of parents for fourteen years, Teacher Francie finally opened a Grade School Department in 1998. Both schools are recognized by the Department of Education. 

Rooted in the belief that...

A child can think for himself. He uses his God-given resources to discover more than knowledge, but life itself. He probes his world around him with innate passion. His quest for answers, persistent. His gifts, uniquely his own. 

THE LEARNING TREE Experimential-Integrative Approach to education nourishes this intrinsic make-up of the child. Classroom experiences are age appropriate and emphasize the process of learning. Activities are integrated into the different subject matter areas so that the child learns to make real and meaningful connections between them. In this way, the child sees life as a whole.

The Vision for the Harvest...

You cannot hurry the growth of a tree
Like a tree, a child can grow strong roots
Warmed in the earth of acceptance
Watered by the streams of knowledge and discipline
Bathed in the sunlight of love
Made to breathe the sweet air of creativity and freedom
Thus, he gains wisdom confidence and strength
Grown to build up others and selflessly serve God and country.
-L. Lofranco-Berbano

Built up in...

The warmth and support of the teachers who help the children with...

Thinking-Feeling-Action Connections

Gain academic knowledge and skills
Expand critical thinking-feeling connections

Love of Self, God and Country

Discover and love their Philippine heritage
Discover and use God-given potentials

Team Collaboration

Learn to be a team builder & live in harmony with other people
Work together with caregivers, peers and people in the community

Christ-centered Precepts

Learn, value & apply Judaeo-Christian principles for life, truth and godliness

Goal Orientations Towards Excellence and Productivity

Learn to do one’s best at all times, always and in all ways

Creative-Expansive Dimensions

Explore & expand one’s creative pursuits to the fullest


Children are intelligent in different ways. According to Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, there are children who display keen sensitivity to numbers, language, space, rhythm and movement. There are youngsters who are reflective of one’s self, respond well to other people’s needs, and there are those who are in constant wonder of the natural world and those who are perceptive of moral and spiritual things. There are also those who have heightened responses to taste, touch and smell.

The BSEP/ASEP help each child discover and hone his/her own innate talents and abilities. THE LEARNING TREE has designed an array of skill building activities which a child can join.